Are you frustrated knowing you have the raw talent and yet you aren’t seeing your career catch up? Ready to kick ass at work and get that next raise or promotion? In this unique program, we’ll dive in to your current career and identify how to set you up for the next level, ASAP. If you describe yourself as ambitious, impatient, and competitive (like yours truly!) this is what you’re looking for!  


In addition to working my way up the corporate ladder one rung at a time, I’ve been in countless HR and management meetings where promotions were discussed, debated, and decided. I know what it takes and will share the exact steps it’s going to take to make or break you.


Together, we’ll cover:

  • How to identify your strengths and maximize these for your career advancement so that you stand out above the rest
  • How to map out and pursue different opportunities and roles to take you to the next level
  • How to identify who you are going to need on-side, and how to develop these relationships
  • How to broach the conversations with your line manager and other stakeholders so that they have your back 
  • How to handle performance reviews, raises, and promotions


Specifically, this package includes:


  • My High Potential Pathways guide and workbook. This is the starting point for our coaching, and so it will need to be completed before we start our calls
  • 3 X 60 minute coaching calls to assess your current career state and identify key actions to increase your momentum
  • An in-depth, written action plan detailing tailored recommendations to take forward following the conclusion of the program
  • Unlimited email support over the course of the program so that you’re never on your own


Ready to get started? Contact me here