Let me guess. You’re sending off your resume to anyone and everyone who’ll take it? You’re filling out countless applications and only getting rejections in return? I’m sorry to say it, but it’s a sign from the universe that it’s going to take something more, something different.


I work with ambitious, smart, all-around-awesome people who know they are great at what they do… but feel frustrated by the lack of response they’re getting in the job market. Introducing – ‘I need interviews!’ – the total package when it comes to getting your foot in the door. It’s about understanding how recruiters work, taking a more strategic approach to the job market, and hustling! 


Now I’m more of a partner-in-crime than a coach because I like to get my hands dirty (and because coaches ask a lot of questions but never tell you what to do!). So if you sign up for this package, we’ll make sure your resume and cover letter are totally perfected for recruiters, hiring managers, and networking. And instead of aimlessly trolling the job application boards each day, you’ll create a rock solid plan of action when it comes to your job search. This package is designed to give you exactly what you need so that so that once and for all, your applications lead to interviews. 


Together, we’ll cover:

  • How to write a resume that makes a recruiter happy, regardless of how much experience you have
  • How to create a cover letter that improves your odds, and how to customize it for each role and company
  • How to ensure your social media presence, including your LinkedIn profile, helps your job search
  • How to leverage your network effectively, even if you think you don’t have any contacts who can help or if you feel uncomfortable asking
  • How to unearth the great job advertisements that are perfect for you
  • How to get noticed and invited for interviews amongst a sea of candidates
  • How to be considered for roles when there’s no job advertised


Specifically, this program includes:

  • My in-depth 30 Day Guide to Your Dream Job Search to get you started, followed by…
  • 1 X 60 minute call to make sure your documents are totally polished
  • 1 X 60 minute coaching call to plan how you’ll tackle your job search
  • Unlimited email support throughout the program so that you’re never on your own
  • A written up action plan to tackle your LinkedIn profile
  • Templates, trackers, and other fun stuff to keep the process organized, easy, and effective


Ready to get started? Contact me here.