I offer personalized, super-engaging career support for new graduates and young professionals who are serious about finding jobs and succeeding at work.



Top performers continually invest in themselves, challenge themselves, and strive for more – and this is where I come in because until now, no one’s taught you how to do this stuff. Not your high school French teacher. Not your College Economics prof. And who wants to listen to their parents on this kind of stuff? When they started working, cell phones didn’t exist. The USSR was a country. The internet was non existent. People went to libraries. And banks. And travel agents. Needless to say, the world is a different place.


Let’s work together so you get it right early on and are set up from the get-go for a fast-tracked career trajectory. Currently, I work with a handful of clients one-on-one, and I also have an online training program, Zero to Interviews, that helps you land interviews like a pro. Have another idea around how we can work together? Let me know by contacting me here and I’m all ears.