Boredom to Boardroom is a new, innovative platform for ambitious young professionals who are looking to succeed in the corporate world. Written with a distinctively honest and approachable style, the site effectively engages gen y and millennials, who are often noted for their skepticism of ‘spin’,  heightened expectations of employers, and interest in social media. 


Boredom to Boardroom partners with the following:

  • Corporate employers, which may choose to provide our services:
    • To current employees (e.g. interns, entry-level hires, ERG members)
    • As a benefit for employees to use to support their older children as they enter the job market
    • As a unique service for the children of VIP clients
  • Recruitment agencies, which may offer our services to support newer candidates (e.g. first time temps) and to build their employer brand amongst young professionals
  • Non-profit organizations working to improve the employability of the populations they serve
  • Colleges and student societies, supporting individuals with their career preparation and job search


We offer four key services, as follows: 



Boredom to Boardroom hosts group sessions and workshops ranging from 1.5 hours to two days. These can be small and selective to increase interaction, or can be scaled up for larger groups. They can also be tailored to suit different audiences, for example women, international students, or minority groups.


Program Bundles

Boredom to Boardroom’s individual services can be purchased as bundles and distributed as the organization chooses. The service can either be specified (e.g. the ‘I need interviews’ package), or can be provided to the recipient as a choice (whereby he/she selects one of two or three options). Full, personalized services offered to individuals are described here, however these are typically tailored and offered as ‘mini’ modules when purchased in a bundle.



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For questions, or to discuss, please contact us at Kari@boredomtoboardroom.com.