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everygirl-kari reston-3Hello! I’m Kari, Founder and CEO of Boredom to Boardroom (a Forbes top 100 site for your career thankyouverymuch!). 


But guess what. About 12 years ago, I was living in London job-less, interview-less, and network-less. I didn’t even have a work permit. I was just looking forward to paying off my student debt so I could get back to being broke. 


Despite having zero ‘real’ experience (nope, not even a lowly unpaid internship to glamorize!), I got multiple offers with some of the top employers in the world, including one which was my (entry level) dream job. Fast forwarding, I climbed my way up the corporate ladder for over eight years in London, Singapore, and NYC. I gave a speech with the first lady of Zambia, filmed an interview for Harvard Business Review, had cocktails with Diane Von Furstenberg in her office, guest lectured at the London School of Economics and Columbia University, and not once but twice have dressed up as a Canadian Mountie in Bangkok – clearly the highlight of my professional career ;) On a more serious note, I worked for the CEO of one of the world’s biggest banks,  presented to the Board of Directors of a FTSE 25 company, reached senior management level by the time I was 29, and sat on multiple advisory boards and committees with amazing non-profits. 


As both a senior HR executive and a manager myself, I dealt with tons of new grads and experienced employees – hiring, firing, promoting, and everything in between. What frustrated me was seeing so many people, lots who have amazing educations and experience too, totally struggle when it came to finding a job and then navigating work. I know it’s tough. I’ve been there and my goal now is to help more people succeed – finding jobs, getting promoted, earning $$$, and enjoying it at the same time. Want me on your side? Just click here



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